Monday, December 28, 2009

More Uganda Videos

  I have been trying to put my nose to the grindstone and really get ready for Uganda. It is interesting what you think about in trying to prepare to be gone for a year - taxes, absentee ballots, baggage sizes, what rechargeable batteries to take, whether or not to pack a French press coffee maker. These have been some of my thoughts and focuses today. : )

 Well, now to what this post is really about. It has been a bit since I shared some Uganda videos, so here are a few more from my first trip. Enjoy!

Praising the Lord in Church (Filmed during a Sunday morning worship service at Lingira Deliverance Church on Lingira Island.)

Praising the Lord, Part 2

The Children Sing

The Children of Siita Nest Mother's Love Home in Bugembe, near Jinja on the mainland.

Countdown to departure: 12 days and a wakeup! : )


  1. Thanks for sharing! I especially enjoyed the children. And I never contemplated how overwhelming it would be to prepare for a long absence--I'll be praying for your clarity, memory, and peace of mind. ;-)

  2. I'm enjoying these videos! Now I have a new worry, though--will we hear from you while you're gone, or will your blog go silent? (-:

  3. Thanks gals for the comments! I'm glad you both enjoyed the videos.
    Mikaela, I certainly appreciate your prayers! I am afraid I will forget something important so have been trying to make lots of lists. :)
    Lauren, no worries as I fully intend to continue blogging. I want folks here to be aware of and a part of the ministry there, so I will try and post regular updates.