Friday, August 13, 2010

Enjoying My "Challenges"

  Each day I have been facing challenges. ButI am happy to say I have been enjoying them - quite thoroughly. As each day passes, my interest in them only grows and deepens.

 Okay, let me explain. Before our island secondary students left recently for their school holiday, we at Shepherd's Heart gave them a couple of "challenges" for them to work on while they are away from school. One challenge, presented to the entire student body, was to study through the book of Proverbs. As they read each chapter, they are to answer various questions, with the aim of causing the students to dig and search for wisdom - God's wisdom.

 The second "challenge" was given to girls who have attended the Morning Star Ladies' Study. Amanda and I asked them to read and study through the book of John, also answering questions along the way, as well as memorize John 15:1-17.

 I have heard from a couple of students that they have taken up at least one of the challenges. I have no doubt that they will be stirred and blessed, because I believe that any time spent in God's Word is definitely time well spent.

  I myself have been so blessed (and challenged) as I have taken the time to read and think about God's Word. I too often catch myself reading my selected chapters, but not really meditating on what I have read. It is amazing how much more you glean from Scripture when you take the time to study and think about it.

 So, needless to say, I am enjoying my "challenges." May you also be challenged as you spend time in God's Word!

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