Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Depraved Indifference"

I watched the following video last night and was convicted, which is a good response. I am praying that the conviction will lead to a change in my thinking, and then to responsive action.

I believe every Christian should see this presentation. Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He left us with a clear and straight-forward command - "Go, and make disciples..."  As followers of Christ, that is our mission. How are you and I fulfilling this "Great Commission"?

P.S. I highly encourage you to visit the Ludy's site, http://www.ellerslie.com, as well as the related sites which you can link to from there. I believe you will be blessed, challenged and encouraged.


  1. Ruthie--I'm so glad you watched both those videos! When I watched them several weeks ago I had the same response, and the feeling that I needed to watch each of them every single day to reinforce the message in my slow brain!

  2. Hello Ruthie!

    ..If my computer played videos easily, I would love to watch this video! :(

    ..I was wondering: would you be willing to be the "Featured Daughter" over at my blog~


    ..I am going to be interviewing/featuring *select* young ladies :) and their blogs {hp[efully} every month, and I would be honored to feature you in January!

    Please e-mail me at lmmorud@gmail.com if you are interested in being January's "Featured Daughter." I hope so! :)


  3. Lauren, I am also glad I watched the videos - so good! Thank you for pointing me to them. :) I was blessed as I also explored the Ludy's websites.
    Lucia, I sent you an e-mail. :)