Monday, February 21, 2011

Blessings Kindled by "One Bright Corner"

I am blessed when Christians are faithful in the place where God has put them. I am inspired by those who shine the light and love of Jesus at home, work, school, and as they go about everyday business. I am challenged by the lovers of Jesus who take every opportunity to be a witness and tell of His goodness and faithfulness in their lives.

I have been blessed, inspired and challenged many times by Lauren and Mikaela as they "brighten" their corner regularly at their blog,

This week they are celebrating the second anniversary of "One Bright Corner," and they have lots of special surprises in store. Today they announced a giveaway, which you will definitely have to check out. :)

And, I hope if you visit their blog, you will also follow, because I have no doubt you will be blessed whenever you enter their "corner."


  1. Wow--I'm blessed and honored by your kind words, and feel very undeserving of them. Thanks for your friendship and support, even thousands of miles away (yay for internet)!

  2. You're welcome, Mikaela! I meant every word, too! I am glad we can mutually encourage and support one another, even over the Internet. :)