Sunday, May 1, 2011

The International Adventures of C.T.

Bad weather in Memphis, Tennessee delayed my flight out of Tupelo, Mississippi this morning. So, I missed my connection in Memphis and I am spending a few unplanned hours in the airport as I wait for my next flight.

To kill some time, I did a photo shoot of my traveling companion - C.T. I have been accompanied by this faithful friend from my journey's start in Jinja, Uganda and continuing to Nairobi, Kenya, then to Amsterdam, Holland, to Memphis, Tennessee, to Tupelo, Mississippi, and back to Memphis. He has been in and around airports, restaurants, cars (in the trunk and in the front), airplanes, and a home. He's a quiet fellow, but I am somehow comforted by his presence.

He can't do much - speak, stand, wave or sit, thus, I carry him everywhere. But, if I needed to, I could use him as a weapon. : )

My friends, meet C.T.

Memphis has a rich musical history, so C.T. insisted on a photo with a painting in the airport spotlighting this fact. He also said he could be an instrument if he wanted to. Not so sure about that...

Since we had to get up shortly after 5 a.m. to make our flight out of Mississippi, C.T. was pretty tuckered in the airport and tried to find a place to rest. I can't imagine he was very comfortable though.

Finding a souvenir shirt to fit C.T. was a challenge, especially considering that he doesn't have arms. :(

C.T. suggested that if we got stuck in Memphis, we could stay the night in the "Heartbreak Hotel." ; )

C.T. wishes we had time to visit the Memphis Zoo and see this cute panda.

C.T. was a bit put out that I didn't share part of my airport breakfast sub with him. But, I said he shouldn't feel bad as he doesn't have a mouth to enjoy it.

Memphis is the home of the NBA Grizzlies basketball team. C.T. wanted to try out, but I told him he wasn't quite tall enough and having no arms was a bit of a handicap.

C.T. didn't like the fact that I carried him into the women's restrooms, but he was reassured that they could be used as a "severe storm shelter area" in case of any more tornadoes in the area.

Unfortunately, this was the best sighting we had of Elvis while we were in Memphis.

C.T. insisted that my Starbucks sleeve would dress him up a bit. Silly fellow.

Just a couple of more hours and C.T. and I will be on our way to Salt Lake City and then on to Portland - our final destination. I can't wait for my parents to meet him. : )

P.S. C.T. stands for "Cardboard Tube." Inside C.T. is a canvas painting created by an artist in Jinja, Uganda. I will post a photo of it in a future post.


  1. Sounds like a great traveling companion! Can't wait to "see" him.

  2. Oh, the trials and joys of travelling! I hope you make it hope without any more delays, and I can't wait to see the contents of C.T!

  3. What exciting adventures with C.T.! He sounds like a rather high-maintenance companion, though... ;)

  4. Emily, C.T. was a pretty good traveling companion. I know, I also can't wait to see his contents. :)
    Thank you, Lauren! I did make it home safely to sunny Oregon and was so, so happy to see my parents again. :)
    Sarah, yes, C.T. was high-maintenance, but I am glad he was a light-weight. It was just his height that was a bit awkward. :)