Saturday, December 3, 2011

Camping... December?

Yes, I am going to camp this week! I never thought I would ever camp in the 12th month of the year. Coming from the part of the world that is currently among the coldest, needless to say quite wet, I always thought camping season ended around mid to late September.

Actually, when I was young that is usually when we scheduled our family camping trips - when all of the public school children were back in class and parks and campsites were generally less crowded. We made some great family memories during those treasured September trips. But that is another story...

Tomorrow myself and a group of students from our island school will be going to a Word of Life camp near Kampala for a full week of fun and learning. Earlier this year God blessed us with 10 free scholarships to send some of our students to camp. As we prayerfully considered who to send from the nearly 100 students at Lingira Living Hope, God laid certain names on our hearts.

Some are new Christians, while others are considered leaders among their peers. Some have professed Christ for a long time, but appear to lack depth in their walk with Him. One young man is a Muslim. The Catholic young lady has softened so much toward Christ since I first met her, and I believe she is on the verge of receiving salvation. Each has a story and at least some kind of encounter with Jesus Christ.

I am praying for each of these young men and women, as well as the other young people who will be attending the camp this week. God knows their hearts, lives, challenges, secrets, dreams, etc., and He wants them to know Him more than ever before. Will you join me in prayer this week that God would have His way in each camper's life?

I am excited to see what God will do this week! (Look for a report next weekend!)

P.S. Unlike the camping I did as a child, we will not be sleeping in tents this week, for which I am actually grateful. ;)

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  1. I will be praying! And it does seem odd to me to be camping this time of the year, though with your lack of modern conveniences on the island, wouldn't some Americans consider you to be camping year-round? ;-)

    Non-tent camping sounds much more comfortable too.

  2. I love camping! Hope you have fun. Make sure to show some pics. xD

  3. Camping in December does seem like a strange activity! We've been bundling up against the very cold air here. Some of the kids are praying for snow, but we've yet to see any!