Thursday, August 16, 2012

Poak Someone!

Have you ever...

Had someone smile at you - just because?

Had someone greet you with a warm hug, as if you were just the person they wanted to see that day?

Received an encouraging heartfelt card - for a special occasion, or for no occasion at all?

Opened your inbox and found a nice newsy e-mail from someone you hadn't heard from in awhile?

Walked through a door that was being held open by a stranger?

Enjoyed an ice cream, coffee or special meal just because someone thought you needed some extra quality time?

Smelled a bouquet of flowers, collected just for you?

Received a gift - something you've been especially wanting - but it wasn't your birthday or Christmas?

Answered the phone, only to hear a voice on the other end say they were just thinking about ya?

Had someone whom you respect and admire take time to notice you? And then maybe strike up a conversation to find out what is happening in your life?

Struck a task off your to-do list because someone saw you needed some extra help?

Been forgiven before asking for it?

Felt uplifted because someone spoke gracious, encouraging words, even though you had made a blunder?

Had a secret whispered to you, making you feel special that someone took you into their confidence and shared their deepest heart whisperings with you?

Been tickled?

Had your back rubbed in those hard-to-reach spots that needed it most?

Felt an arm around your shoulder as you hung your head and tears rolled down your cheeks?

Had someone share a special Scripture with you just because they believed it was for you?

Received an extra measure of grace when that was the farthest thing from what you really deserved?

Been told you were being prayed for?

Most of the above actions don't cost a cent and may take only a few minutes to carry out. If you have ever been on the receiving end of some of these kindnesses, perhaps today is your day to be that "someone" for another person. And even if you haven't been blessed by such graciousness, maybe you are just the one to start a "chain reaction" of kind words and deeds.

P.O.A.K. someone.  Pass On A Kindness.

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