Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"It is Finished"

I am sorry, friends, but I am going to share another song from Jimmy Needham's newest album. (See my last post here for one of my other favorites on the album.) As I traveled across the lake this afternoon, I was again listening to these songs and this one stood out to me.

Because Jesus finished and completed EVERYTHING on the cross we can truly live a life of freedom, forgiveness, celebration and gratitude. If He had not, we wouldn't have much to celebrate now would we?

It is finished, It is finished
The beauty of the double meaning phrase
He ceased from His labor and so have I
Now resting only in His grace

It is finished, It is finished
The Son of Man succeeding where I failed
The wrath of God now satisfied
In Jesus, my Emmanuel

Note: "Tetelesti" is Greek for "It is finished."

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