Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jinja - In Video

I've been a "mainlander" for over a week now. Although, I consider the island my "home," I've been staying with some friends and caring for their children.

Jinja is considered our "port" city, from which the boats to the Buvuma Islands go in and out of. Jinja is the second largest "town" in Kampala, with a population of about 90,000. It is second only in size to the capital city of Kampala, with over 1.2 million people.

Jinja is a popular spot for tourists, since whitewater rafting, kayaking, the "Source of the Nile," horseback riding, bungee jumping, and some great restaurants and tourist shops are found either in or near Jinja. The "source" is right outside the city center and is where the lake flows into the Nile River.

Also, many missionaries and ministry organizations are based in or around Jinja, so I frequently see friends when I am in town. :)

Though I am not a "city" girl, I do like Jinja as it is small enough to easily walk from here to there, has restaurants for enjoying different foods, and places to take advantage of "high-speed" Internet (which is how I uploaded the first two videos). :)

The first video was taken this morning as I rode a "boda" or motorcycle from where am I staying, about 3 miles or so from town, to go meet a friend for lunch. I am sorry, but there is no narration on the first two videos, since it felt awkward to narrate sitting directly behind the driver. Also, the quality is not the best since it was bumpy, due to potholes and speed bumps.

You will notice I focus on the yellow and orange-red sign of "Acacia Community Church" as we as pass it. This is where I usually attend when I am in town. Also, note that the "bodas" carry many things - from people to boards, to milk cans to bags of charcoal, etc.! The little commercial area we pass through is called Kimaka (pronounced "chee-mah-kah).

This video is a portion of Main Street, Jinja. I really do like this street as I can do most of my business on or near it.

The last video is one I took from inside - of a rainstorm outside. When it rains here, it usually comes down fast and heavy!

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse of Jinja - one of my "homes" away from home. :)

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