Thursday, October 23, 2014

What If?

Sunrise seen from the top of Lingira Mountain.

What if the sun’s rays were not warm and consoling?

What if water was not cool, refreshing, thirst-quenching and life-giving?

What if fruit was not sweet and good for you at the same time?

What if kittens were not soft, cute and cuddly?

What if the earth did not have gravity? (What a mess it would be!)

What is music was not inspiring, motivating, comforting?

What if ears were only for decoration and not for hearing?

What if the world was only visible in grayscale?

What if the waves of the seas and oceans did not keep within their bounds?

What if the sun rose only twice a week?

What if there were no clouds to shield us from the sun?

What if the stars had no order, how would sailors navigate?

What if lips could not talk, sing, whistle, or hum?

What if hugs were painful, rather than warm embraces?

What if a smile was difficult to produce?

What if there were no seasons?

What if raindrops were heavy like stones?

What if birds did not sing?

What if we did not have memories and only “remembered” the current second we are in?

What if laughter was not healing?

What if light did not pierce and scatter darkness?

What if mountains were not high, waterfalls were not breathtaking, valleys had no end, and rivers ran neither upstream nor downstream?

What if there was no beauty, no love, no grace, no joy, no peace, no serenity?

What if lies were truth, evil was good, wrong was right, and injustice was accepted?

What if there were no such concepts as forgiveness, restoration, transformation?

At times we may doubt the evidences of God’s love, but each day He surrounds us with these gifts of love and grace – because He is good and loving and awesome.

Today, take note of the Creator's gifts to'll run out of numbers before you run out of gifts to count.

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