Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Declaring His Glory

Before coming to Uganda, I don't recall seeing such amazing cloud sculptures, stunning sunrises, and incredible vistas as I have here. Even after 5+ years I still catch my breath and run for my camera at God's incredible artistic displays.

During my last visit in the States some dear friends blessed me with a new camera. (I had made the mistake of packing mine as I flew home and it wouldn't turn on.) Yet, God bestowed a nicer model than what I previously had. The camera has some features I love and which help to enhance the natural beauty that surrounds me.

Here are some recent images.

"So that those who dwell at the ends of the earth are in awe at Your signs. You make the going out of the morning and the evening to shout for joy." Psalm 65:8 (ESV)

"He spreads out the northern skies over empty space;
He suspends the earth over nothing.
He wraps up the waters in His clouds,
yet the clouds do not burst under their weight." Job 26:7-8 (NIV)

"He covers the heavens with clouds; He prepares rain for the earth; He makes grass grow on the hills." Psalm 147:8 (ESV)

"Sing to the Lord a new song,
His praise from the ends of the earth,
you who go down to the sea, and all that is in it,
you islands, and all who live in them." Isaiah 42:10 (NIV)

"'For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.'" Isaiah 55:12 (ESV)

"Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice, and let them say among the nations, 'The LORD reigns!'" 1 Chronicles 16:31 (ESV)

"Let heaven and earth praise Him,
the seas and all that move in them," Psalm 69:34 (NIV)

"For who in the skies can be compared to the LORD? Who among the heavenly beings is like the LORD," Psalm 89:6 (ESV)

"Behold, to the LORD your God belong heaven and the heaven of heavens, the earth with all that is in it." Deuteronomy 10:14 (ESV)

"The voice of the Lord is over the waters;
the God of glory thunders,
the Lord thunders over the mighty waters.
The voice of the Lord is powerful;
the voice of the Lord is majestic." Psalm 29:3-4 (NIV)

"Your thunder was heard in the whirlwind,
Your lightning lit up the world;
the earth trembled and quaked.
Your path led through the sea,
Your way through the mighty waters,
though Your footprints were not seen." Psalm 77:18-19 (NIV)

"The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad;
let the distant shores rejoice.
Clouds and thick darkness surround Him;
righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne.
Fire goes before Him
and consumes His foes on every side.
His lightning lights up the world;
the earth sees and trembles." Psalm 97:1-4 (NIV)

"He unleashes His lightning beneath the whole heaven
and sends it to the ends of the earth.
After that comes the sound of His roar;
He thunders with His majestic voice.
When His voice resounds,
He holds nothing back.
God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways;
He does great things beyond our understanding." Job 37:3-5 (NIV)

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