Monday, November 9, 2009

I've Been Tagged...And You May Be Next ; )

It has been awhile since I was involved in a game of tag. Since I am pushing 30 I don't play such active games as I am trying to conserve energy. : ) Nowadays I tend to enjoy such docile games as Scrabble and Cribbage. Anyway, where was I? (That's another reason to not play tag when you get older, you might stray too far and get lost.) I do, however, like a good game of virtual tag. I was recently tagged by good friends Lauren and Mikaela Cash with the "Honest Scrap Award," which means I have to tell 10 honest things about myself. Number one could be that I am a procrastinator, since I was tagged two weeks ago. (You tend to slow down in your old age.) But, since most of you probably already know that I am a procrastinator (I'd rather talk about it later anyway), I will choose 10 other things that may be less well known.

1. I never finished high school. I was partially through 11th grade and I was tired of school, and so was my mom, so we stopped. I did later obtain my GED.

2. I am obssessive compulsive in certain ways, like having things straight and having doors and cupboards closed.

3. I used to really dislike talking on the phone and was afraid to even answer the home phone. That was before I started working at the newspaper and now I am more accustomed to talking on the phone and occasionally enjoy it.

4. I have a large callous on my right middle finger because I tend to write hard. It has been there for years. (Am I only on number four?)

5. Up until about four years ago, I would have never in my wildest dreams thought of going to Africa. It was not on my places-to-visit list. But God had other plans. : )

6. I used to dislike the sound of a solo violin - that is until I started playing one. Now I think it is is a very beautiful instrument, especially when played by a talented musician.

7. I used to love reading Nancy Drew mysteries!

8. Of all housework, I really dislike dusting. Hence the fact that you could probably write your name on that shelf over there. Yes, I intend to tackle the dusting in my room sometime in the near future. But, like I said, I am a procrastinator.

9. I don't know how to properly type. I use about three or four fingers instead of 10. : )

10. I pretty much enjoy all vegetables (those that I have tried that is), though I can only tolerate so many lima beans.

Well, there you go, 10 honest things about me. And, as you know, a game of tag can only continue as long as people continue to be tagged. Along with receiving this honor from Lauren and Mikaela, I was also instructed to tag seven other bloggers. Unfortunately, I don't follow seven blogs. So, if you are reading this, have a blog and haven't already been tagged, consider yourself "it." Go for it, 'cause I can't run much further. ; )

P.S. Leave me a comment if you do take on the challenge and write 10 things about yourself on your blog (or you can do it on the comments here). I would love to learn more about those who visit here!


  1. Very witty and informative, Ruthie!! Even a couple things I didn't know!!

  2. This made me laugh! Thanks for the glimpse into your world!

  3. Lauren, glad my quirky ways made you smile. :) I enjoy hearing and sharing such random facts about people. Thanks for the tag!