Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From Uganda

 Wow, this is exciting for me as this is my first post from Uganda! It seems like it has been quite a journey just preparing to come here. And, now I can hardly believe I am actually here. I was thinking yesterday, that I may need to pinch myself. : )

 I have had a good first few days - with both joys and challenges. I arrived in Uganda at about 9:30 p.m. Sunday night and then it took several hours to drive to Jinja where I have been staying for the time being at the office of Shepherd's Heart International Ministry, the ministry I am working with this year.

 Memories came back as I smelled familiar smells, saw familiar sites, and saw the dear folks who I had met on my first visit.

 I began feeling really at home the second day. Interestingly enough, God used a difficult circumstance to confirm to my heart that I am right where He wants me to be.

 We awoke Tuesday morning to find that the Shepherd's Heart office had been broken into. Several things were taken, including my laptop. At first I was rather disheartened and discouraged, but then God began showing us that there were even good things to be found in this situation.

 Thankfully no one was hurt or threatened as six of us were sleeping in the same building where the office is located. Our bedroom door was unlocked and could have easily been accessed. And, also we believe my friend Amanda was up at the time, at the other end of the house. The thieves entered through a window, but could not get back out through our tricky front entrance, otherwise, they could have taken more things. We recalled yesterday that both my computer and that of the accountant's, which was also taken, are both protected by passwords. We know of only one place in Jinja that could help someone bypass the passwords, and the police have asked them to be watching for our computers.

 Shepherd's Heart has already experienced some difficult things in this new year, with Karina's miscarriage and other serious complications, other thefts and now the break-in at the office. But we believe that Satan is trying to get us down and attack us because God has good things in store. So, we are looking in hope to what this year holds. And, we are thankful for a faithful God who is our Protector.

 While the theft of my computer might have had a negative impact on my outlook here, it actually had the opposite effect. I had been struggling with some doubts when I first arrived, but God gave such a peace and comfort after Tuesday morning's incident, that I knew I was in the right place.

 I have been so blessed to become reacquainted with those of the SHIM staff who I met on my first office, and to meet the others. God has truly put together a remarkable team, one that is diverse in gifts and personalities, yet united in spirit and vision. I will be introducing these great people in future posts.

 Well, I am going to sign off for now. BTW, Flex sends his greetings. He seems to be really enjoying himself. : )


  1. Thank you for sharing your faith through these trials--your honesty is a blessing!

  2. O my goodness! I can't believe you're there! How exciting!!! That's rather crazy about your laptop being stolen...isn't it funny how God uses "bad" situations for our encouragement? :)
    Blessings! We're praying for ya!