Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Beauty of the Pearl

Uganda, "The Pearl of Africa," is a beautiful country. Here are some photos of the "pearl's" treasures.

Okay, so you might not consider a bug beautiful, but I think it is a perfect picture of God's creativity. So, is this a leaf that is actually a bug or a bug that is really a leaf?
We used gift bags during a recent VBS on the island and one of the little children became quite creative with his. : ) Isn't he adorable?

The sun shining on Lake Victoria

A view from the top of Lingira Island

Another view from the top of the island

Sunset from the crown of Lingira Island

Sometimes the cloud formations over the lake are simply incredible.

Some beautiful flora (I wish I knew the name of the tree and flowers, but I don't.)

Tea fields

Fishermen on the lake

Two beautiful ladies - Mama O (Olive Okoro), who lives on the island, and Mrs. Regina Wolfer, who is visiting from South Carolina

A praying mantis. Okay, so some may say bugs are not beautiful, but Uganda has some interesting critters. : )

Two cuties - (So, Amanda and David are not native "Ugandan," but they do call the country home. And, they are beautiful. : )

 Okay, so these are just a few snapshops of Uganda's beauty. I hope to share more in the future. : )

P.S. Anyone inspired to come visit? : )


  1. Wow, those pictures are beautiful! I even think the picture of the greenleafybug on the purple whatwasit is cool (and that's saying something, 'cause I'm generally against bugs)! :p
    It really does looke like a beautiful place to visit! :D

  2. I love insects like that! God's creatures are just so amazing.
    The sunset pictures are equally amazing--but in a different, gorgeous way. Beautiful pictures, Ruthie! And David is getting so big. Aaaww! He's such a cutie--I still don't understand where he gets his pudge from!
    Love you, miss you, and praying for you!

  3. I agree 100%--beautiful! And I must say, leaf bugs and praying mantisis are among the very limited few bugs I would say are beautiful!

  4. Thank you, Sarah, Mikaela and Lauren, for your nice comments. God's creation is amazing!

  5. instead of appreciating the creatures first all of you guyz should appreciate our mother land fisrt and that is Uganda the land of the Ganda people "the pearl of Africa". GOD BLESS THE PEARL

  6. Anonymous, thank you for reading my blog. I agree with you - the beauty of the pearl extends beyond only its creatures, but you will notice the post included pictures of people, creatures, scenery, Ugandans in their livelihood, etc. The photos were not posted in any particular order or priority. I certainly do not call myself an expert on Uganda, but can only share what I have observed for myself. May your love and concern for Uganda only deepen.