Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Smelling My "Roses"

 Just as it is good to take time to stop and smell the roses, it also good to take the time to be thankful you have roses to smell.

  So, here are just a few things for which I am presently thankful.

- Visitors - In recent weeks we have been blessed with three teams of visitors to the island. Each visitor brings their own talents, personality and heart for the people of Uganda. I have been blessed by the fire and motivation that these short-termers have - they help to reignite me! They bless both the SHIM staff and the people of the island.

Lizbet, a visitor from S. Carolina, and me at the top of the island.

- What the visitors bring - Our visitors have been quite generous as they have carried things from home, fulfilled special requests (like bringing us chocolate chips and duct tape), and sharing their goodies, such as Hidden Valley ranch, A-1 sauce, chocolate and coffee creamer. : )

- Ranch and coffee creamer - It's amazing what these do for food and coffee, respectively - so yummy!

- Water - We are now entering the dry season, which means we won't get as much rain as during the wet season (Go figure!). So, I am having a greater appreciation for the water we do have at the base. And, I am also grateful for the dear Ugandan man, Musabe, who faithfully brings us lake water each morning and then purifies part of it for bathing and drinking. Our water is some of the best-tasting in Uganda!

- Cold Water - Yes, with plenty of sunshine, we can run our solar, and in turn run our little fridge, so we can enjoy cold water - a special treat.

- The Internet (when it is available) - My Internet modem has been down for about a week, which I find rather frustrating since the provider took my money for the month, but didn't bother to restore my service. So, I am grateful that Andy has been graciously sharing his Internet modem. And, not having easy access to something sure does make it seem all the more special when I do get it.

- Peace - One of the reasons I love the island is because it is peaceful. (Visitors have beeged to differ because of all of the animal noises, but I guess I have become accustomed to them.) I do find island life quite peaceful and fairly relaxing.

Dear friends, the Smith family, on the boat.

- Friendship - Karina was just remarking this morning how a number of years ago when we were friends back in Clatskanie we couldn't have imagined we would someday be working together in Africa. Only God could have orchestrated this and wove together our paths. I am also thankful for Amanda who is a "steady eddy" and whose laid-back, people-person personality balances out my go-get-em, task-driven personality. I have also enjoyed forming friendships with our visitors who come, and don't stay quite long enough.

- The folks back at home - I certainly wouldn't be here without my dear family and friends who have so faithfully supported me, prayed for me and encouraged me. I am very thankful for all of you!

 I know I have many, many blessings which I could list out here - but these are just a few that have been at the forefront lately. Blessings to you all!


  1. Reading this list just amazed think of how far away you are, and what a different environment you live in, yet the necessities and tasks of life remain the same...water, food, internet =), and most importantly, bringing others to Christ.
    We had the wettest May on record, here, and today has 100% chance of precipitation (so much for our planned bike ride!); I'd be happy to share some of the rain with you! (I really don't mind it, though, so don't take all of it.)
    Love you!

  2. I loved hearing about your "roses"! On a side note, David is getting so big! I don't know how the baby supply is over there, but I could certainly see holding him all day! I'm praying for the container situation to be resolved soon, and then you'll have to do another post on more roses in your life!

  3. Mikaela, thank you for your nice comment. Yes, sometimes life seems so different here compared to the U.S., but then I do find the similarities. For instance, around the world, humans have a lot of the same basic needs.
    Wow! Sounds like it has been very wet there. We had a bit of dry spell, but have been blessed with some rain over the past few days. This morning, a wind and rain storm made for a quiet morning, but also delayed church a bit. : )
    Lauren, thank you also for the nice comment. Yes, David is getting big. He can walk very well (traveling faster than we sometimes realize), can speak a few words and perform other great feats for an almost one-year old. He turns one on Friday. : )
    And, thank you for the prayers regarding the container - they are certainly needed.
    Love you both!