Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Friend Flex

He's green. He's little. He has bug eyes. But he has been with me as a faithful companion since I arrived in Uganda five and a half months ago. So, this post is all about my friend Flex.

Flex showing just how hot it can get here in Uganda. It is hard to see, but the mercury is up there around 100 F.

Flex has found many of his own kind, including this little beauty, whom he calls his "girlfriend." I told him to be careful, she may actually be a long lost cousin of his.

Oops, this isn't Flex - must be another cousin. (BTW, she insisted I take only her "best side.")

Flex pointing out where Lingira Island should be on the map of Uganda.

Flex likes to "help" out with the daily chores.

Flex enjoying a nap on my solar shower.

Taking his basin bath. (Flex was a bit embarrassed that I would post this pic, but it's not like he wears clothes anyway.)

Posing with our two-burner gas stove on the island. Flex says it makes the best fried flies. I wouldn't know.

Hanging out in the SHIM administration building.

Flex is a very musically inclined and loves to play the drums - a favorite instrument here in Uganda.

Flex with Gloria, SHIM's secretary. This was right before Gloria tried to eat Flex, but I decided not to post those photos, so as not to frighten any children who might be reading this. 

Flex with some Ugandan foods. From top right, clockwise, Irish potatoes with ground-nut sauce, pineapple, avacado and cooked cabbage. Yum!!

Flex with a Ugandan standby - black tea - to be consumed in the morning, afternoon and evening, or when you need a cup.

Getting ready to boat from Jinja to Lingira Island. Flex loves riding on the boat!

Me and Flex (he's riding in the purse.)
(Note: This photo was taken shortly after I arrived in Uganda, so I am tanner now and my hair has succumbed to the heat and humidity.

Flex is thrilled that you took the time to look at all of his photos of him, but I had best quit for now as he seems to be getting a big head. Flex sends you all greetings from Uganda!

Note: No animals or plastic frogs were hurt in the making of this album.


  1. PS to Ruthie: I love the new blog design!

  2. Flex, I mean no disrespect to your small, shiny, stretchy personage, but you're hilarious! Thanks for showing us around Ruthie's habitat. ;-)

  3. Lauren and Mikaela, thank you for the comments. Flex was so pleased that you were pleased. : ) He says I should post more often on him and that I may just gain a host of new followers because of him. I think the heat may have finally gotten to his little brain. ; )

  4. Ruthie & Flex,
    You are hilarious! I enjoyed looking through your blogspot and subscribed to the feed yesterday.
    You don't know me, because I am Andy's friend from The Dalles. We grew up in the same youth group. He was a year ahead of me and his brother Ben a year behind me. In fact, I dislocated my shoulder sledding out at their place... and I'd talk about it being somewhat out in the boonies, but I think you guys have the boonies beat out there in Uganda.
    Thanks for your blog... let's me see a little more of what you guys are doing there.
    And I love your humor! I bet you and Flex are a blessing to Andy, Keeky & the folks there.
    In Jesus, Jennifer Goodman

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    Welcome to "Journey of Faith." I am so glad you have enjoyed my posts and are now a "follower." : )
    It is nice to meet a friend of Andy's. The sledding adventure sounds like life with Andy - never a dull moment. : )
    I hope you keep visiting my blog! Thank you for the nice comments!
    In Him,
    Ruthie : )
    P.S. Flex says hi and he is flattered that you enjoyed reading about him. :)