Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Live Out Loud"

I'd rather blend into a crowd, than stand out in one.

But you and I are called to STAND out, to be different, to be set..........apart, to not blend in.

This song inspires me to do just that - to "Live Out Loud" for my Savior.

Some of my favorite lines are:

"Think about this
If we really have been given the gift
of life that will never end
And if we have been filled with living
hope, we're gonna overflow
And if God's love is burning in our
hearts, we're gonna glow
There's just no way to keep it in"

"Every corner of creation is a living declaration
Come join the song we were made to sing."

Are you a "living declaration" in your "corner of creation"? 
I encourage you to be so!


  1. A new meaning to the acronym "lol": live out loud!

  2. Very true, Lauren! I think I prefer "live out loud" to "laugh out loud." :)

  3. Wild!! I love it!! Love, Marmee :-)

  4. Marmee, yes, this song is on one of my favorite albums to listen to in the morning - as I clean! :)

  5. You know my family [sisters, nieces, their husbands, etc.] well enough to know that we ain't "blenders"... we're very much "out loud" living folks. Don't fit in real well, but we ain't bored or boring.

  6. Ha, Joanne, you are funny! I think some people find "living out loud" to be more natural than others. ;) And, y'all are definitely not boring! :) Thanks for all of the comments! :)