Friday, April 5, 2013

Who's Watching Your Steps?

The rocky path to Lingira.

There's a gazillion rocks on the path.

I live near Kyoya village on Lingira Island and to reach the next village to the southwest (and the island's largest village), I have to climb up a hill and follow a path scattered with rocks - pebbles, boulders and slabs of volcanic rock. It can be treacherous, depending on what shoes you are wearing (I don't recommend anything but flats) and whether or not rain has made the rocks slick.

The last few times as I have made the trek and carefully picked my way over, around, through and across the rocks, I have thought about my future.

I can never look beyond the next one or two steps that I need to take on the rocky path. It requires my full concentration not to slip and fall.

Trekking to Lingira on Easter Sunday morning.

If I make the mistake of looking too far ahead, I might trip over what is right in front of me. So, I think it is with life - if we focus too far ahead, like "What will happen next month?" or "What will transpire next year?" And, we put our attention too far ahead, we may "trip" on our present and possibly even miss what God has for us today, or even in this moment.

I am not against planning ahead, making goals, writing schedules, etc. But, I believe that ultimately it must all be put in the Sovereign God's very capable hands - our today and our tomorrows.

He's watching your steps, so focus on what He has put before you today and rejoice that He has your tomorrows taken care of.

"The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives." - Psalm 37:23


  1. I love this, Ruthie!! So true!!

  2. Thank you, Marmee! I love simple illustrations that can carry a deeper spiritual meaning.

  3. Yep! We could rarely look around even in K'pla, b/c holes on the sidewalks, or chunks of rocks that could cause us to trip. Out in the Bush, also had to watch carefully, but, in the area where we lived, there was less rockiness. More muddiness. Slippiness. Could look around a bit better, but had to always stay on target.

    Understand your rocky area, though. Glad you are able to make it w/o tripping, falling.

  4. Joanne, the good thing is that potholes, rocks and mud cause you to slow down and take your time, instead of charging ahead. I need to be reminded to do that at times. :)