Thursday, July 25, 2013


Who defines beauty?

Who defines value?

 This week in my Bibical Life Skills class I had the students describe a beautiful person and a handsome person. Their answers ranged from "sexy eyes" and "no pimples" to "American height" (in other words, tall), "nice hair," and "nice skin."

I then asked that if they did not possess all of the qualities they had listed, were they still beautiful? Some said yes, some said no.

The point of the lesson was that we do not determine who is beautiful or valuable, even of ourselves or of others, but our Creator God does. He made us, so He gets to decide our worth and He says we are priceless.

Each of us as His work of art bears His signature - His image. In this we are unlike any other part of His creation.

Our beauty and value are not determined by what we look like, by what we do or don't do, by what we achieve or do not achieve, by who we know or do not know, but by our Loving Creator. He has the final say.

I love the following video because it is a wonderful reminder that He can turn what some might esteem as "worthless trash" into beautiful treasure, to produce "music" for Him, bringing Him glory and praise.

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