Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Typing Lessons

Some of my computer class students practice their typing skills.

I tell them to relax their fingers, hands and arms. Some visibly shake as they begin their typing lesson - the first of the new school year.

For some secondary students, this is the first time they have ever placed their hands on a computer keyboard. Many have been waiting a year just for this moment. I put my students through three terms of theory/bookwork - before we even begin "practical" computer lessons. This morning they giggled nervously and excitedly as I set up the computers and the generator.

Some are very enthusiastic and eager, and others are tense and nervous. As they tentatively begin, their classmates look on, occasionally letting loose laughter or trying to be "helpful" in telling the "practicee" what key they should be pressing, but aren't.

Learning to type is much like learning any other skill in life, I tell them. You don't learn in a day and to get better, you must practice, practice. It is more important to learn to type correctly than to type quickly.

Some catch on with ease and others struggle. Yet, I assure them all they have done a good job.

I want to convey these lessons - you have to start somewhere, you make mistakes and you learn from them, the best things in life are not rushed through, relax, take it slow, you can try again tomorrow, and most of all, give yourself grace.

Grace. It's needed every day in every situation, even in a typing lesson. 

I often face life in general too tensely. As an introvert I am easily overwhelmed by situations involving people, like teaching classes of students. :) I get nervous, over-stressed, critical of myself and others - all unnecessarily.

I wonder how many times in my day God looks down and gently says - "Relax, don't rush, don't beat yourself up - instead learn from your mistakes, try again tomorrow...give yourself grace."

God freely bestows grace, but we miserly mete it out to ourselves, perhaps not realizing there is an endless, abundant supply that we can't ever exhaust.

God is a very patient and gracious teacher. And I am so, so thankful He is.

Relax. Take it slow. Delight in grace.

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