Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Off Days"?

A sunset view from the top of Lingira Island.

"I have quit asking God for things, instead I thank Him that He knows the unknown." This is a paraphrase of some wise words spoken last night by a good friend of mine.

Those words resurfaced this morning as I prayed for protection for some of our ministry members traveling from the island to Jinja. Rather than seeking God's protection for them, I shifted my petitions to instead thanking Him that He is a God who always protects.

How we pray reveals what we know and believe about our God. Yes, the Bible does tell us to "ask, seek and knock," (Matthew 7:7-8), but do we come as doubting children or trusting, believing children?

As I prayed it occurred to me that God does not have any "off days." His protection or sovereignty are never even a percentage point less than another day when we last made a request.

He is 100% Sovereign

He is 100% Loving

He is 100% Gracious

He is 100% Just

He is 100% Powerful

He is 100% Truth

He is 100% God

If He is even only 99.99% in any of these and He is innumerable other attributes, then He ceases to be God. He cannot drop or change by even a minuscule percentage point.

If we know this and really believe this, then our prayers should consist more of praise and thanksgiving than anything else.

What an amazing assurance and reality to know that God never, ever has "off days."

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  1. I am more of a praiser, woshiper, a Spirit focuser. That's all I can often do, instead of praying re: specific things. God is the 100% Person that we can rely upon forever and ever.