Friday, February 27, 2015

When the Lord is on Your Side…”

Incredible cloud formations over Lake Victoria.

“When the Lord is on your side,
Things already better,
Things already better
Things already better!”

This is a popular praise song here in Uganda and one I’ve likely sung hundreds of times in my time here. I have learned to not add the “are” to make it “Things are already…” and to pronounce “better” as “beddar” in the style of Ugandan-English. J

This simple song contains a powerful truth – when God is on our side, our situation is better because we always, always have hope in Him.

Today I joined with the members of the SHIM family as we gathered for prayer and sharing, reflected on the joys and challenges of last year, and looked forward in expectation of what God will do in 2015. Even in the first two months of the year it seems every member and/or family in the ministry has encountered difficulties with health and relationships, frustrations in work, ministry and finances, or disarming calamities and discouragement.

After last fall’s intense season of spiritual warfare, I am more aware that such challenges which take place in the physical realm are often strongly connected to the spiritual realm. And, this is one of Satan’s tricks – distraction and diversion. He seeks to shift our focus off what is really important – the eternal realities – to what is in comparison, superficial and less significant.

Yet, God calls us to lift our eyes off our circumstances and unto Him; to shift our gaze off this temporary reality to the promise of an amazing and glorious eternity with Him. But, how do we do that when the flood surrounds us and threatens to drag us under its powerful swells?

At least twice today as we gathered, people spoke of storms and recognizing that God is in the midst of our storms. One wise member commented that if we choose to leave the storm of our own accord, we may leave Jesus behind in it. Yet, Jesus is not only present in the challenge; He is most importantly above it as the Sovereign Lord.

“The LORD rules over the floodwaters. The LORD reigns as king forever.” (Psalm 29:10 NLT)

From what I can tell the Hebrew word for “flood” here means a type of destruction or destructive storm. Whether the psalmist was referring to Noah’s flood or another type of flood, it is not known. But, the author’s point was to emphasize the sovereignty of our God. He is above, He rules, He reigns – over all.

And while our Awesome and Powerful God is ruling over every single atom of this world, He is ever mindful of His own. Verse 11 concludes the psalm:

“The LORD gives His people strength. The LORD blesses them with peace.

While He holds absolute and unchanging sway over the countless affairs of the universe – both large and small – He supplies, surrounds and fills His children with His amazing strength and peace.

This is our hope, this is our promise, and this is our reality. It is why we can confidently sing, “When the Lord is on our side, things (are) already better!”

Praise Him, for He rules in and above every storm. 

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