Thursday, April 28, 2011

How do you say "McDonald's" in Dutch?

I am sitting here in the Amsterdam airport, taking advantage of the one hour of free Internet. I am gradually feeling the transition back to the "western world," especially when I saw McDonald's and Starbucks here in the airport : )

The McDonald's in the Amsterdam airport

Yesterday was my "departure day" and my journey began a bit harried as the Ugandan taxi driver I hired to take me to the airport was 1-1/2 hours late. It is very common that things run on a different schedule there - lknown as "Ugandan time" - with nearly everything being late - meetings, church, etc. But, I knew airlines don't operate on "Ugandan time" and I was becoming quite nervous knowing I had a 3-4-hour trip to the airport ahead and little more than to get there before my plane departed.

But, the driver made it in record time - 2 hours and 38 minutes (Amanda noted that) and I arrived at the airport more than an hour and a half before my flight.

However, I began wondering if I wasn't meant to leave Africa when the airlines couldn't find my ticket from Entebbe, Uganda to Nairobi, Kenya, and then when I was strangely "offloaded" from the passenger manifest in Kenya for no apparent reason. Thanks to the help of a nice man named Boaz (I'm not kidding!) and with only minutes to spare, I did make my flight out of Entebbe and was seated in first class - so cool! I thoroughly enjoyed my spacious seat and using real glassware and silverware. : )

And thankfully, I managed to get "onloaded" (or however they put it) back on my flight from Nairobi to Amsterdam. The 7+ hour flight to Amsterdam was uneventful (except for the fact that I was eating more American-type food than I had in a long time!), and I did manage to get some sleep. I have a few hours left in Amsterdam, before I journey on to Memphis, Tenn., and then to my final stop of this leg - Tupelo, Miss. where I will be for a couple of days, before finally reaching Oregon on Sunday. : )

Thank you all to have been praying for me and my journey! Keep praying!

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