Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm It!

At left, me on one of the SHIM boats.

I'm "it" in that I was tagged by Lauren of the blog "One Bright Corner." The "tag" means I received the "Stylish Blog Award," but also that I must reveal seven "random" facts about myself. : )

I don't consider myself very "random," but sometimes rather boring, so after wracking my brain, here are my seven facts.

1. I like order and routine - it's just part of my personality. I admit that sometimes I can carry "routine" a bit far. I have been known to eat the same thing for breakfast for weeks on end or do the same chore day after day after day. While in Uganda I have been nicknamed "Mrs. Monk" after the OCD (Obessesive Compulsive Disorder) detective in the "Monk" television series. I really obsess about having things straight...

Katie, a visitor from 2010, and I washing dishes. I did dishes (one of the routine chores I enjoy) on most mornings last year.

2. For about five years, I weekly "published" "The Family News," well before I started working at a "real" newspaper. Before our family had a computer, I handwrote the small paper every week, then circulated the one copy among my immediate family members. Features included: quotes; what had occurred in history during that week; birthdays of family, friends and famous Bible people; a weekly Bible verse; an advice column written by a cat, I believe; "Daddy's Corner," and more. Once our family was given a computer in 1998, I began formatting "The Family News" on the computer, which made its preparation faster and easier on the eyes of my readers. : )

3. I have a fear of water. Yep, I do, which is why I think God definitely has a sense of humor in placing me on an island on the world's second largest lake. My mother tells me I screamed when she tried to bathe me as a baby. Thankfully, I no longer scream when bathing. ; ) To help me conquer my fear, my mother enrolled my sister (the "fish") and I in swimming lessons. This helped, but without consistent practice, I forgot most of what I learned, and still have a fear of the "deep end." The funny thing is that many Ugandans also fear water, but I tell them that "the God of the land, is also God of the water." And, God very often gives me His peace during frequent trips across the lake.

My friend Flex also enjoys tea - specifically Ugandan black tea. :)

4. I used to dislike tea, until a good friend properly introduced it to me. While coffee is my first beverage of choice, especially in the mornings, I frequently enjoy a cup of tea in the late afternoon or evening. "Constant Comment" and "Chai Spice" are two of my favorites. It's a good thing I now have a love for tea, as it is the most popular drink in Uganda!

5. My favorite foods are rice, beans and potatoes - all staple foods here in Uganda! I think God created my tastebuds for here. ; ) Incidentally, there are few Ugandan foods I don't care for, which is good for adapting to the culture, but bad for my waistline. ; )

6. Some of my nicknames are "Winkers," "Twinx Baby," "Rowdy," Rudy," "Sissy," "Roofie," and "Lucy." ; )

7. I much prefer even number to odd numbers. Which is funny since I was born on the 9th day of the 7th month. At least my birth year is an even number. ; ) And, the fact that this list ends on an odd number, well, that just disrupts my routine. : )

Well, that's enough about me, so I hereby "tag" any reader who wants to reveal seven random facts about themselves. : ) Have a blessed day! : )

An island sunset.


  1. Your nicknames are so sweet! And I have to say that Mikaela and I tried to implement a weekly family newspaper once, but we just weren't disciplined enough for it! Kudos to you for your newspaper skills! (-:

  2. What fun details, Miss Ruthie. :) I absolutley love it when you post pictures of your new home, Uganda, too! :)


  3. Thank you, Lauren, for commenting! I come from a family that loves nicknames, and several of mine have stuck over the years. :) I didn't always have the same "deadline day" for my family newspaper, but tried to keep to the same schedule. I guess it helped prepare me for the real thing. :) I think a Cash family newspaper would have been so fun!
    Lucia, thanks for reading! I am glad you enjoyed the photos, too. :)