Sunday, April 24, 2011


...began with a beautiful morning on the island - sunshine, blue skies and white puffy clouds.

...I read the story of Christ's resurrection in my English NLT Bible, watched a video of it -  narrated in Kiswahili, and heard it read in Lugandan.

...was a celebration with my church family on the island as we reflected on God's love and the incredible display of it in the gift of His Only Son.

Fishermen on the lake

...I packed up the remaining items in my island room in preparation for my departure to the U.S.A. (about three days away!).

...was the last day on Lingira Island (my home for about 15 months). : (

Me on one of the SHIM boats

...was the last trip across a choppy Lake Victoria for some time. : )

...I saw a boy in church wearing a Palm Springs, California t-shirt, yet it is possible he has never left the island.

...I exchanged smiles with a young girl with a broad smile, who sat as close to me as possible on the wooden bench during the service.

...on my walk to church I saw a young boy tugging with all his strength on one end of a rope, that had a very stubborn goat on the other end.

...was a day of new life as twin goats (one black and one white) were born to the SHIM family, and another pair of carmel-colored "kids" entered the world at the Ripon landing site in Jinja.

...I enjoyed a delectable dinner of tender beef fillet, heavenly mashed potatoes, delicious gravy, scrumptious muffins, crisp green beans, and take-me-back-to-my-childhood Jello - all lovingly prepared by Mama Michelle. : )

...was a day of loss as I was sorely beaten in Nerts (like Dutch Blitz) and Spoons, though I did win a round here and there. ; )

David in December - discovering a new use for hair clips. :)
 ...I enjoyed watching a sleeping boy (David) cuddled up to his mommy and daddy as we traveled on the lake together.

...I was again mesmerized by the beauty of Uganda with its lush green landscape and broad cloud-filled skills.

...was a day of blessing as I relished the fellowship and hospitality of members of my SHIM family (thank you, Petersons, for the great evening!)

...I am thankful for Christ's resurrection, the abundant life found in Him, God's grace and provision, and the blessing of family and friends!

...was Easter Day - a day of remembrance, joy and celebration!

How was your "today"?

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  1. I can tell how much you are going to miss being there! What a special day of celebrating Christ's resurrection, but also of saying your good-byes to those who you have grown so close to! God speed on your travels!