Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Early Summer Fun!

Wow! Time flies! Especially when you are having fun. : ) So I have been soo busy lately that I haven't written in a post - for about a week.

Here's what I have been busy with...

 Welcoming Leah home! (On Tuesday, June 14)

Visiting with family from southern California.

Spending time with friends

Celebrating Father's Day
 At church...

And with a trip to the coast...

"Super Dad"
My beautiful sister!

Waves crashing, pounding...what an incredible sight! A great reminder of God's awesome power!

I love the rugged beauty of the Oregon coast!

Tillamook Head Lighthouse

"Leah was here!"

 Daddy and Mommy

And finally, I am doing "Missionary Moments" at WCC's VBS this week...and having a lot of fun!

The music team at VBS.

Hope all of you are enjoying your summer thus far!


  1. What a ball you and Leah must be having together! I'm so happy you can spend this special time together, and I loved seeing all your photos!

  2. Yes, Lauren, we are having a blast being together again! See you soon...

  3. Looks like great fun, all of it. Family. Ocean. VBS.

    Great to see you as a new member at The High Calling!