Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Voices from the Past

I stumbled on a neat page yesterday and found a treasure-load of missions quotes. I love quotes and love missions, too, so I thought I would share some of these with you. Hopefully you will be both inspired and challenged.

"God had an only son and he was a missionary. A poor, poor example of him I am. But in this work I now live.  And in this work, I wish to die." ~ David Livingstone, 1813-1873, missionary to Africa

"Remember, when you see a missionary coming home broken in body and weary in soul, it isn't the privations or dangers or things he's done that leave a deep hurt; it's the things he couldn't do that break his heart." ~ Anonymous Missionary

"I never made a sacrifice. Of this we ought not to talk when we remember the great sacrifice which he made who left His Father's throne on high to give Himself for us." ~ David Livingstone, 1813-1873, missionary to Africa

"If we are going to wait until every possible hindrance has been removed before we do a work for the Lord, we will never attempt to do anything." ~ T.J. Bach, 1881-1963, Missionary to Venezuela

"It is remarkable that God began this work among the Indians at a time when I had the least hope, and to my apprehension the least rational prospect of success." ~ David Brainerd, 1718-1747, Missionary to North American Indians

"The greatest missionary is the Bible in the mother tongue.  It never needs a furlough and is never considered a foreigner." ~ William Cameron Townsend, 1896-1982, Missionary to Peru and Mexico and Founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators

"We are a bunch of nobodies trying to exalt Somebody." ~ Jim Elliot, 1927-1956, missionary martyr in Ecuador

"There are grave difficulties on every hand, and more are looming ahead - Therefore, we must go forward." ~ William Carey, 1761-1834, Missionary to India
"Every step in the progress of missions is directly traceable to prayer." ~ A.T. Pierson

"The harvest here is indeed great, and the laborers are few and imperfectly fitted, without much grace, for such a work.  And yet grace can make a few feeble instruments the means of accomplishing great things - things greater even than we can conceive." ~ Hudson Taylor, 1832-1905, Missionary to China

"We visited sixty-six islands and landed eighty-one times, wading, swimming (to shore).  Most of the people were friendly and delightful; only two arrows shot at us, and only one went near -- So much for savages!" ~ John Coleridge Patteson, 1827-1871, Melanesia

"One can't save and then pitchfork souls into heaven...Souls are more or less securely fastened to bodies... And as you can't get the souls out and deal with them separately, you have to take them both together." ~ Amy Carmichael, 1867-1951, India 

"If you are ever inclined to pray for a missionary, do it at once, where ever you are.  Perhaps he may be in great peril at that moment." ~ Amy Carmichael, 1867-1951, India

"Unless there is the element of extreme risk in our exploits for God, there is no need for faith." ~ Hudson Taylor, 1832-1905, Missionary to China

Source: http://www.toeverytribe.org/missionquotes

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  1. Beautiful quotes. I'm going to share this post with friends who are missionaries in Brazil, about to be on furlough.