Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Here!

Yes, I am in Uganda!

After good flights from Newark to Amsterdam, from Amsterdam to Kigali, Rwanda, and Rwanda to Uganda - I arrived at the Entebbe airport at about 10 p.m. Friday night. Amanda walked up to the exit door just in time to see me. : )

Saturday morning was the wedding of Chief and Gloria, who at one time worked with Shepherd's Heart as our account and secretary, respectively. I was quickly reminded that I was back in Uganda when it took Amanda and I about two hours because of traffic to go approximately 20 miles from Entebbe to Kampala where the wedding was held. We showed up at the church for the last seven minutes of the wedding. At least we got to see the bride and groom exit the church! : )

 The happy couple - Augusto "Chief" and Gloria

After enjoying pizza with the Smith family, we attended the reception and enjoyed visiting with SHIM family and other friends, and hearing live music and the "speeches." Every special occasion here includes speeches. : ) Unfortunately, we had to leave right before the big meal was served, but all in all it was a fun day.

 Johnathan - a smiley little fellow - gazing at his daddy

David driving the shopping cart. Not sure why he closed his eyes, but he did when I asked him to smile. : )

Two beautiful ladies - Amanda and Karina - my dear sisters, friends and co-workers in Christ. And, oh yes, Johnathan is pictured, too. In between the wedding and the reception we enjoyed a pizza lunch at a Kampala mall.

After spending another night in Entebbe, Amanda and I headed to Jinja and arrived mid-day today (Sunday). Now we are enjoying the rest of our day of rest. : )

Thank you to all who prayed for a safe journey. It was very safe and I even enjoyed an empty seat next to me for extra stretching room for sleeping from Amsterdam to Rwanda. : )

I will be spending the next few days getting re-established and reconnecting with various people before likely heading to the island before the weekend.

Thank you again to those who prayed!

 Me at the wedding reception in Kampala.

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  1. I'm exhausted just reading your travel itinerary! Praise God that you arrived safely!