Monday, August 22, 2011


The view toward the lake from the front veranda of my "home" on Lingira Island.

It has been like music to my ears to hear "Kulikayo!" and "Welcome back!" in the last few days since I arrived on Lingira Island - my second home. "Kulikayo" (pronounced kuh-lee-keye-o) is Luganda for "welcome back."

After not riding in a boat since I left Uganda, I headed to the port Friday afternoon. Within a minute of arriving at Masesee, the rain came and I ducked under a tin-roofed building to wait out the storm. I was pleasantly surprised to meet one of our sponsored students there who was also headed to Lingira, so I chatted with her as we waited.

After the rain stopped, I decided to board the board, which was not a wise decision. It has been only a handful of times that rain has caught me while on a boat, so I thought it was humorous that on my first trip to the island since my furlough, the rain found me. Thank the Lord for black tarps to hide under and kind people who made sure my bags stayed mostly dry. : )

The cost for the trip to Lingira has gone up about 20 cents since I left, so I am thinking the increase went toward the free shower I received. : )  "Wet Season Special - Fare to Lingira Island - Includes Free Shower."

Thankfully, the rain did not follow us the entire 15-mile trek to the island and partway we were able to come out from under tarps to enjoy the warm air and the pleasant views.

Upon setting foot on Lingira, I was graciously welcomed by some of the secondary teachers (who I was surprised to see since the school is on holiday), a couple of students, members of my SHIM family and other friends.

At left, the new student garden at the secondary school. 

Below, sweet potato mounds in the student garden.

Friday evening was topped off when a "film" was shown at SHIM, with the teachers, some of their family members, and other friends as our guests. Buttery popcorn was served and the lights were extinguished in anticipation of a movie featuring incredible animals created by our awesome God. It was a joy to hear and see the Ugandans' reactions to the creatures projected on the wall, and the amazing features and abilities God has given them. I am sure they had never laid eyes on some of the critters, like salmon, penguins, polar bears, an Australian lizard and others.

I am happy to see how the SHIM base on the island is thriving - especially the gardens! I grabbed my camera this afternoon and thought I would share with you what is growing around here (aside from David and Johnathan - who are incredibly cute!)

 Oranges! We have five orange trees on our island property.

Passion fruit - it makes a delicious juice.

It was pure delight to be back in the island church Sunday morning. The lively and joyful worship was refreshing and the messages seemed so fitting. The people also graciously extended me a hand of welcome.

The Smith family enjoying the Sunday worship service.

Sunday afternoon found Grace and Agnes busy roasting "sim-sim," sesame seeds, above, while Mama O, below, "pounded" millet to prepare it for grinding.

On Monday, a friend, Emma, with a little help from David, helped prepare a nursery bed to plant some of the seeds I brought from the U.S. I have never been a "green thumb," but I am excited to try again. : )

Ready for seeds!
It is good to be back on Lingira Island - my second home. : )


  1. Yay! Your excitement to be 'home' just permeated this post - how fun!!
    Great to see the garden pictures, don't forget to let us know how your US seeds do. :)

  2. Thanks, Sarah! Yes, it is good to be back at my second home - and it does feel "homey." :) I will be sure and post about the progress of my little garden.

  3. Wow. Such beauty, in your words, your heart, the images, and the people. Thank you for sharing all of it.


  4. Exciting to find your blog (thanks to Bonnie) and hear all that is happening.
    Rod and Lin Willett

  5. Wow--green oranges! Those are amazing to look at, as well as the passion fruit! I can tell you're glad to be back, even though we miss you!

  6. Yes, Lauren, green oranges! I am really curious as to whether they will change color or not. Yes, I am glad to be back, too, though also missing all of you at home.

  7. Hi Rod and Lin, I am glad you found my blog and are along for the ride on this "journey." I hope you keep reading! :)