Monday, January 14, 2013

A DA with Mel

 "I used to think knowing God was like going 
on a business trip with Him, 
but now I know He's inviting me 
on an adventure instead."

Have you ever been on a family vacation or an excursion with a friend and you decide to take a side trip? Oftentimes, it is worth the extra time and effort and you just never know what "surprises" you'll find just because you went off the beaten path.

My time at home has been filled with special surprises, including a number of "DAs" - "divine appointments." I know they had to be the Lord who orchestrated these special meet-ups because I certainly didn't have any hand in arranging them.

One of the most fun DAs was during my mom and I's recent trip to California to visit family.

My aunt had loaded me up with a bunch of things to take to Uganda, far beyond what I could cram in my small suitcase. So auntie suggested we pick up a large box so I could take it all back to Oregon. Friday afternoon we stopped by a nearby storage place to find a big box - a box that would "make it all the way to Africa," we announced as we entered the door.

The storage office was quiet and warmed by the sun (and the high thermostat to compensate for the "frigid" outside temperatures). But what warmed the room even more was effervescent Mel, the gal behind the counter. If ever anyone glowed with the love and light of Jesus, it was her.

As soon as she found out I was going to Africa, she got excited - very excited. This girl just beamed with joy and enthusiasm - a divine joy found only in a thriving relationship with Jesus. "Frank," another customer, stood to the side, listening to our rapid-fire conversation. Turns out that before our arrival, Mel had been talking about Jesus with Frank, a proclaimed atheist.

We found out other connections with Mel, too. She is dating a man from West Cameroon in Africa and is an active member of a church, formerly attended by my cousin. She is interested in ministry and in traveling overseas.

After a few minutes, Mel asked if she could pray for me and with Frank and another customer as witnesses, Mel came around the counter, grabbed my hands and prayed over me and for the ministry in Uganda. Tears came to my eyes by the blessing of it all.

It all started with a need for a cardboard box (which Mel gave us for free as a gift), and it resulted in a "divine appointment." Mel has my contact information and I hope we can connect sometime in the future. Perhaps, she will even visit the island someday. :)

That unexpected encounter reminded me that no detour or "side trip" should be looked on as small or inconsequential, because when you are a child of God, life is an adventure and when He is at the wheel, you only need to hang on for the ride and embrace the unexpected detours and the blessings along the way.

P.S. The quote at the top is from the book, "Love Does," by Bob Goff, a lawyer who serves in northern Uganda. It is a great book and I am thoroughly enjoying it and Bob's zest for life and his Savior.

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  1. How amazing! I love it when God does things like that! It was so good to see and chat with you a little on Sunday!

  2. Yes, Lauren, it was amazing and so much God's hand! I, too, enjoyed seeing you and chatting with you! I wish it could have been longer though. Blessings!