Thursday, January 31, 2013

A New Season

Vervet monkeys on the island - among the "friendly" faces that welcomed me back to Uganda.
 Nine weeks at home in the U.S. just seemed to fly by and now I am back - here in Uganda, here on the island, here among my ministry family, preparing for a new season of life and ministry.

Not so much has changed here and in a way it seems I was hardly gone, except for the many smiles and hugs I have received in the past week, welcoming me back. : )

My travels were a bit long (about 28 hours), but thankfully were uneventful. It was great having a traveling companion this time - a young woman named Malia, whom God called to do children's ministry for about three months on the island. In the way that the SHIM family works, Malia has thus far been roped into some other things - like chores such as mopping and sweeping!! :)

Next week a new school year begins at Lingira Living Hope - our local high school. We are expecting about 100 new students, which could push our student population well over 200. This is amazing as we prayed for so long for the growth and blessing of this Christian school - one of the few high schools in this group of islands. God has certainly answered our prayers in a big way!

I am excited to see how the Lord leads in ministering to these young men and women. Some are Christian, Catholic, Anglican, Muslim, follow the animist faith or claim no religion at all. The school may be one of the few places where they have an extended exposure to the gospel and truth of Jesus Christ. (For more about the school, visit the Shepherd Heart Facebook page or the SHIM website:

Even as I left a season of visiting my U.S. "home," I am excited about the next season and all that God has in store! Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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  1. Expect you are blessed and a blessing.

    Hope to stay "with you" ... and see you and your friends.